The Rona Sailing Project Objective

Promoting resourcefulness, responsibility and teamwork among young people. image description

Our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to acquire those attributes of a seaman, namely: a sense of responsibility, resourcefulness and teamwork which will help them throughout their lives.

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From my experience with the Project I have taken many of the skills, lessons, and boundaries not only into my personal life but also into my business. I have little formal education and yet I run a company which employs more than 600 people in 7 countries with a turnover of over £30 million. - KEITH KNOWLES, Beds & Bars Ltd

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About our Sail Training

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The Rona Sailing Project (formerly Rona Trust - London Sailing Project) is one of the oldest Sail Training organisations in the UK, established for over 50 years.

We ensure that our crews come from a wide variety of social backgrounds: from the well-adjusted, to those in the care of Social and Probation Services, as well as those in between. 

In that time, we have taken over 20,000 young people to sea and given them the experience of a lifetime, greater self-confidence and a new perspective on the world.

Apart from a dedicated full-time team of just four, the Project has 400 volunteers, who are Skippers, Mates, Watch Officers and Watch Leaders. Their active support enables us to touch the lives of a large and disparate group of people, all of whom, in their own way, significantly benefit from an experience at sea.